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Game Time W/L Team Position Score Max Score Score Ratio Accuracy MVP Points Lives Left Shots Left Shot Opponent Got Shot Hit Diff Missiled Got Missiled Medic Hits Medic Nukes Shot 3-Hits Shot Team Missiled Team Shot Own Medic Nukes Activated Nukes Detonated Nuke Cancels Own Nuke Cancels Rapid Fires Boosts Resupplies PDF
Game Time W/L Team Position

Bases Destroyed Average

Position Overall Player Survives Survive and Elim Opp Die and Elim Opp Elimed

The following graphs represent a simple rolling average for accuracy, score and MVP points both overall and by position.
Individual lines can be turned on and off by clicking on the title in the legend.
Clicking the legend items marked scatter will show all the points on the graph for the data set, if you like that sort of thing.
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